Produce Update - 27/8/19

04 September 2019
Produce Update

As sultry August comes approaches its end, the flavours of the produce available strengthens - its a gorgeous time of year, only punctured perhaps by some back to school blues!

We have the first biodynamic butternut squash in from Lauriston Farm, Essex - really the first properly firm squashes of the season. by contrast, we also have the first spaghetti squash - so called because when cooked the flesh really breaks down into long spaghetti strings - entirely different, but both delicious.

We also have the first fresh hazelnuts of the new season - aka cobnuts - Britain is not a strong nut producer at all - and these don't last long, so please don't miss out!

Beyond this, we have a lovely range or greensbeanscapsicumsroots & fruits, please enjoy this bountiful time of year!