We are 10 this week - so here is a discount code for 10% off an order.

04 September 2019

We are 10 years old this month - and so our birthday present to one and all of you is a discount code giving you 10% off an order, placed this month of September - the code is "10yearsoldthissept".

Thanks so much for your support over this time. We have tried to build the service organically out of profit and by incremental degrees, which is not an approach that is usually in vogue these days and certainly not in area of the grocery market that is growing, and where other services often advance by buying their way into the market & building up losses.

It has been stressful and pressured, but we are very proud to be offering the service we do, even if it can sometimes be wobbly: we work hard to improve by degrees and iron out our faults.

Thanks so much again for your support,