Heritage Red Poll Beef from Forty Hall

02 October 2019

We have Heritage Red Poll Beef in from Forty Hall this week - they are a very small producer of beef and so are not sending cattle to the abattoir each week. So it is a treat to have their range of cuts in this week.

The beef is organically reared - which means it is not organically certified because the butcher local to forty Hall who prepares the cuts is not organically certified - but the beef is still reared to organic standards.

And nice to have it in a week when there is perhaps a shift away from the "avoid red meat message". This report does focus on dietary, rather than environmental, concerns. But re. the latter, grass-fed livestock such as Forty Hall's Red Poll Beef has a far lower impact than grain fed cattle.

Dietary advice can feel like an ever shifting minefield, but if you follow Michael Pollan's 7 word mantra: "Eat food [ie. real]. Not too much. Mostly plants", you probably wont go too far wrong.