Turkeys & Geese this year: excellent quality, award-winng birds & great value too.

02 December 2019


Our turkeys and geese are again coming from Steve Childerhouse's Great Grove Poultry in Norfolk this year - again we offer the bronze & white varieties of turkey.


Both the white and the bronze birds are the same price as last year, which appears to make us excellent value for mature, free-ranging, dry plucked and game hung birds, that you know exactly where they have come from.


Below are the typical differences between Steve's birds and a supermarket bird....


Great Grove –Dry Plucked

The Supermarket - Wet Plucked

Grown to maturity 24-27 weeks old, which gives them a layer of fat which makes the meat nice and juicy

In-mature 12-14 weeks old no fat whatsoever

Given free access to grass and woodland day and night

Reared on so-called free-range systems but often fairly cramped

Bedded on fresh dry straw

Not littered frequently which gives the birds breast blisters

Fed on rations containing 70% cereals, no hormones or additives

Fed on rations to ensure the quickest growth possible

Processed on farm where the birds are reared so there is no travelling whatsoever

Can be loaded and driven miles in cramped crates which makes them stressed.

Dry Plucked by Hand

Wet plucked in hot stale water

Delayed evisceration and hung in chillers to tenderise the meat – normally 7-21 days

Hot eviscerated, blast chilled and usually gas flushed and in the retailer the next day

Sinews pulled

Sinews not pulled

Golden Turkey Guarantee, raised on small family farms

No guarantee,large scale production