Biodynamic North Ronaldsay Lamb in from Essex this week

14 October 2020


We have Rare Breed North Ronaldsay Lamb in this week from Lauriston Farm- meaning it is biodynamic, which is rare to find.


The North Ronaldsay sheep is classified as a primitive, short tail sheep and is extremely rare.  Its robustness and hardiness is ideal for the estuarine, salty marsh meadows at Lauriston.  They have about one hundred and fifty breeding ewes and five rams.
The ram lambs are usually taken to a very small local abattoir when they are around fifteen months old.  They are not castrated so the meat has a wonderful full flavour.  It is hung for ten days

The lamb came back from the abattoir last Friday and so it has been frozen down- Lauriston are a very small scale producer, and will not have any more stocks in before Christmas now, so please don't delay if you want some.




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