Produce update: Sprouts, Pumpkins & Parsnips begin

14 October 2020


Carrots: we are planning to start offering organic carrots washed shortly, but for now it is just unwashed, as generally wet conditions make for difficult conditions for pulling root veggies. Beetroot too will have a good covering of rich Ormskirk soil on it - in mitigation, this covering does keep veg in better condition for longer,  but do remember to rinse well before use.



We have White, Purple & Orange Cauliflower all in thiis week, to add some colour to your table, and we also have the first pumpkins in - Orange or White, to eat, carve or both, assuming that socially distanced Trick or Treating is possible.



We also have now the first Parsnips in from Essex, as well as Brussel Sprouts & Sprout Tops. If you haven't tried the tops, they are much milder than the sprouts themselves, and delicious steamed & seasoned.The parsnips will sweeten up as season progressees, and the temperature drops.




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