Halloumi style cheese, made in Yorkshire, by Syrian refugee Razan Alsous

09 February 2021


Something new this week, we have some Halloumi & Ricotta products coming in Razan Alsous, now settled in West Yorkshire.


You can read about Razan's story in full here, how she left war-torn Syria in 2012 with her husband and three young children in 2012 and as a pharmacy graduate from Syria struggled to find work in the UK and so started up her own food business, making Halloumi style cheese, which is very popular in Syria (but which she cant call Halloumi as  a UK producer).


She has won multiple awards, including a Bronze at the World Cheese awards in 2015.


She is offering a range of flavoured "Squeaky" Cheeses, Labneh as well as Ricotta & Halloumi Spring Rolls.