First Cucumbers, Watercress & Baby Leeks

09 February 2021
We have the first organic watercress back in this week  - there is usually a 2-4 week break for all UK watercress growers to give their beds a rest, when the weather is inclement, and the water at its coldest.

Their resumption marks, the beginning of  the end of winter - and as it coincides  with the end of January too, and with the vaccination programme advancing, a more positive outlook ahead.

We have also the first glasshouse, hydroponic cucumbers in from Thanet Earth, and also glasshouse grown cocktail vine tomatoes from the Isle of Wight.

Very much soil grown and new in are baby leeks & mixed colour baby beetroot from Royal Oak Organics.

Otherwise, we good availability this week of both green & root veggies.