Herrings In Tomato Sauce

Picture of Herrings In Tomato Sauce

From Fish 4 Ever, Lower Earley, Berkshire

Preserved In Spring Water



Sustainably-fished herring caught North of Scotland and landed in Peterhead, UK. We only use traditional artisan methods in our packing and only add 'clean' natural and organic ingredients.

Our quick meal range is the base of a healthy and quick meal for two made with delicious fish fillets.  Serve hot or cold with boiled potatoes or rice.  This herring is also great in a tortilla wrap or as a savoury pancake filling with a dollop of sour cream and grated cheese.

Sustainably fished

Organic land ingredients

Quick meal base

Eat hot or cold

Fished: North of Scotland towards the West of Norway and South of Faroe Isles.

Method: Mid water trawls set on dense schools of moving fish
Net weight 200g, Fish 120g .

Ingredients: Herring fillet (60%), tomato pulp (21%), tomato pieces (5%), sunflower oil, raw cane sugar, cream, sea salt, vinegar, lemon juice, spices, thickener: guar gum