Guernsey Milk (2 Pints)
Picture of Guernsey Milk (2 Pints)

From Dave & Rosie Paull, Hurdlebrook Farm, Babcary, Somerset

Unpasteurised, Grass Fed


We courier Unpasteurised Guernsey Milk on behalf of Dave & Rosie Paull of Hurdlebrook Farm, Somerset.


To get the milk, you need to do two things:

First, you email, stating the number of cartons you want to get via Farm Direct, they are £2.20 per carton and a carton contains 2 pints. You need to do this by 1pm Tuesday.

Second, you place an order via, for other products, £15 minimum spend, if you want it home delivered, or just a single item if you want to collect it (excluding the value of the milk).

We then add the milk cartons to  your farm direct order and it is ready either for us to deliver to you , or for you to collect.

We take payment for the milk using the card details used for the Farm Direct order.

This is how we operate in order to comply with the regulations surrouunding the sale of raw milk. You can alternatively order and receive Hurdlebrooks's milk directly from them.