Olives & Capers Pasta Sauce (350g)
Picture of Olives & Capers Pasta Sauce (350g)

From Mr. Organic, Elmore St, London, N1.

From Mr Organic, Stockwell, London



A simple, heavenly pasta sauce made with fresh, sun-drenched Italian tomatoes, a splash of olive oil and nuggets of green and black olives. As well as pasta, it's incredible with chicken or fish, just pour and bake till the meat's cooked through.

This puttanesca sauce is produced by Valerio, Kostas and Carlo - three friends with passionate belief that well-being starts with good honest food. Kostas says ‘That's why we are always mindful of our ingredients and work closely with our farmers and producers to provide sustainable, wholesome and delicious organic food that makes people healthy and happy!’ From store cupboard staples to speciality goods, Mr Organic is making it simple to choose a better, more wholesome way of living.