Seeded Loaf (500g)

Picture of Seeded Loaf (500g)

From Tara Taylor, The Good Grain Bakery, Portal Way, London W3

Organic, Vegan, Gluten free

Available from Thursday 20 Jun

Allergen Information

Good GrainBakery bread is gluten free, wheat free, egg free, dairy free, nut free and preservative free so it’s a perfect option for those with allergies or dietary restrictions.

This product is vegan, 100% Certified Organic and doesn't have synthetic ingredients like hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose or other hard to pronounce additives.

This product Contains sesame seeds.


Gluten free flour* (tapioca flour*, brown rice*, potato starch*, maize meal*, quinoa flour*), sunflower oil*, psyllium husk*, linseed* (1.4%), sunflower seed* (1.4%), pumpkin seed* (1.4%), yeast, carob*, sea salt, thickener (xanthan gum). * = produced to organic standards.


About the Good Grain Bakery

Tara Taylor bakes delicious gluten free breads her  in Organic Certified Bakery in London. Tara started Good Grain Bakery to provide premium-quality baked goods for people with special dietary restrictions. 

For years she lamented there were no suitable vegan and gluten free options for her family and friends and whenever she did stumble upon something it tasted bland, stale or something very unlike real bread.
With her children as inspiration, she set out to make allergy-sensitive breads that were baked fresh and free of horrible preservatives and unnecessary additives.  She uses organic flour and other wholesome ingredients such as gluten free grains, herbs, seeds and dried fruit.  She is meticulous about everything that comes out of her ovens and thinks that you will taste the difference.