Diced Goat (apx. 500g - £22.40 / kg)
Picture of Diced Goat (apx. 500g - £22.40 / kg)

From Alan Longman's ex-dairy Billy Goats, Wincanton, Somerset.

Available from Thursday (AM) 03 Dec
The perfect meat for curries and tagines, our diced goat comes in good sized chunky cubes.

Weight: 500g

Serves: Up to 4 people


The Butcher: Our goat is succulent and tender when prepared and cooked properly, with fantastic flavour. A great alternative to lamb or mutton for a variety of dishes.

In The Kitchen: The perfect meat for a curry, marinate the goat in herbs and spices then cook slowly to make sure it's tender. Serve with traditional roti and rice.