Hillfarm Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil (750ml)

Picture of Hillfarm Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil (750ml)

From Hillfarm Oils, Hill Farm, Heveningham Halesworth, Suffolk.

Vegetarian, Unpasteurised


Hillfarm's Extra Virgin Cold Pressed rapeseed oil is locally grown, giving fully traceable, sustainable single estate, non GM culinary oil. Combined with the amazing health benefits to give you possibly the healthiest and most versatile cooking oil you can buy - and one you can trust.

The production of this oil is so simple

The seed is cleaned then slowly cold-pressed, gradually filtered and then bottled. Our production of rapeseed adds nothing to the oil, and takes nothing out of the oil. The final product is natural, with its beautiful bright yellow colour. All of this takes place on the same farm as the seed is grown, so we can offer full traceability to all our customers.

What is cold-pressing?

Cold pressing is the method in which the finest quality oil is produced. The process of cold pressing rapeseed is simply the rapeseed is squeezed in the press. The oil is released without heat treatment (the temperature does not exceed 35ºC, and even this is only caused by friction created whilst pressing) solvents, or anti frothing agents.

Why is cold-pressing better for you?

All we do to draw the rapeseed oil out is squeeze the seed, this is the most natural way to extract the oil, just like squeezing an orange for natural orange juice. This ensures that the oil retains all of its flavour, aroma & nutritional value, which heated oils lose.

Why can I buy other rapeseed oil for as little as 99p per litre?

“Cheap” rapeseed oil is almost certainly what we call Solvent Extracted Oil, which means it is produced in massive quantities using heat and chemicals in the abstraction process. The oil is produced on a massive scale mainly for the catering industry who wants competitively priced frying oil. Colour, taste, and smell are deliberately removed to achieve this. The source of the raw material can be from many different countries, and the hot abstracting process is highly efficient and abstracts 98% of oil from the seed. Where as we only cold-press 70% without using chemicals or artificial heat.

All the above gives you possibly the most versatile cooking oil you can buy, and one you can trust.
Reducing consumption of saturated fat and replacing saturated fats in the diet with unsaturated fats contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels as part of a varied and balanced diet.  Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 are unsaturated fats.