Skimmed Jersey Milk (750ml - Glass Bottle)
Picture of Skimmed Jersey Milk (750ml - Glass Bottle)

From Geoff & Kim Bowles, Ivy House Farm, Beckington, Somerset



Organic, Vegetarian, Grass Fed, Unhomogenised

Unprocessed milk consists of globules of milk fat suspended in a watery base containing dissolved proteins, sugars, vitamins, and minerals. If the globules are large enough, as with unprocessed milk from cows, the fat globules float upwards until they form a distinct cream layer at the top. 

Homogenization is a process that reduces the size of fat globules by forcing pressurized, hot milk through small holes, causing turbulence that breaks up the larger fat globules so that they remain suspended rather than separating in a cream layer at the top. 

The purpose of homogenization is to make milk more convenient to process, store and consume, eliminating the need to shake or stir the milk container to remix the separated cream layer and increasing the shelf-life of the product.