Game & Red Wine Salami
Picture of Game & Red Wine Salami

Trealy Farm Ltd, Park Farm, Pontypool.

Wild Venison’s deep, rich taste mixed with finest pork.



This salami is made from only British wild venison mainly sourced from red deer though with some fallow and occasional Sika deer also. As venison meat is so lean and salami requires a certain proportion of fat we add free-range traditional breed pork back fat to the mix.

In the UK we have an abundance (in fact many would say an over abundance) of wild deer and we designed this salami to take advantage of the wonderfully gamey flavours and healthy properties of this wild British meat.

As with all salamis, this product is ready to eat and excellent alongside other air dried salami or meats as a dinner party starter or light lunch with a salad, chutneys and other condiments, good bread – and maybe a glass of wine or beer!  The salami can be used in cooking for instance in a pasta sauce or casserole.

When slicing this product yourself, use a sharp knife and slice when still chilled as it will be easier to do so at that stage. Some like salami very thinly sliced so it is wafer thin, others like thicker slices that give more texture. It is always best to eat salami at room temperature.