Sauerkraut with Juniper Berries
Picture of Sauerkraut with Juniper Berries

From Biona Organics, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey.

Organic, Vegan, Dairy free


Sauerkraut…ironically this highly healthy food has been mostly found. mostly on one of the most un-healthy foods…hot dogs. But for health enthusiasts everywhere, sauerkraut doesn’t need to be placed on a piece of ‘meat’, because it can be enjoyed on the side of any meal for optimal digestion. Eating Sauekraut is a way to finding out what a bounty of probiotics can do for your energy!


Biona Organic Sauerkraut is Demeter certified. Guaranteeing all methods of production and processing are environmentally friendly, ethical and sustainable.

Biona sauerkraut is a tasty side dish served with salads, grilled vegetables or veggie hot dogs!



Always read the label *

White Cabbage**, Sea Salt, Juniper Berries* (1%) *=Certified Organic Ingredients . **=Demeter/Organic-Biodynamic Agriculture



Once opened keep refrigerated and use within 3 days