Lavender Munstead Dwarf Seeds

Picture of Lavender Munstead Dwarf Seeds

From Kings Seeds, Monks Farm, Kelvedon, Essex

Pack size: 350 Seeds


Lavender Vera is a tall growing type suitable for hedging or individual plants. It has silvery foliage and lilac flowers which are highly scented. It grows to a height of about 50cm with a slow and erratic germination.  Use for pot-pourri and lavender bags. The scent of lavender is said to have a claming effect on the nerves and tea made from the leaves and flowers may be used to treat headaches and insomnia. 




In small pots or trays. Cover with glass until germination occurs. Keep at 20°C. Prick out when large enough and gradually harden off.


In spring or late summer, barley covered wtih soil, kept watered. Transplant to final position in the second year. Prefers sunny position and well drained soil with plenty of lime.


The flowering stems when flowers are open and the sun not too hot.