Beef Short Ribs, Pair

Picture of Beef Short Ribs, Pair

From The Kimbers Family Farm, Wincanton, Somerset.


Aberdeen Angus Beef

Free Range, Frozen, Grass Fed


Tender, succulent and meaty, these ribs are perfect for braising or barbecuing. Left on the bone, they provide amazing rich flavour in any dish.

Serves: Up to 3 people


The Butcher: Short ribs are a popular cut of beef and they are larger and usually meatier than their pork counterpart. Short ribs are cut from the rib and a small corner of the square-cut chuck.

In The Kitchen: Great for slow cooking in winter, these ribs really come alive when marinated and barbecued during the summer months.

Please note that all meat weights are approximate and may vary by 20% either way.  If weight varies more we will let you know.