Laverbread (120g)

Picture of Laverbread (120g)

From Hodmedod's Great British Beans Peas, Haleworth, Suffolk

A Welsh delicacy made from laver seaweed, sea salt and Water



Laver seaweed - Porphyra umbilicalis, closely related to Japanese nori - grows widely around the west coast of Britain and has long been used to produce the traditional Celtic laverbread.

After being gathered the seaweed is thoroughly washed and is cooked until it becomes soft, then minced to convert it into a paste like texture.  Laver is highly nutritious, very low in calories, rich in protein, contains iodine and vitamins A, B2, C and D.


How we like it:

It's delicious spread on bread or toast with a little lemon juice or mixed with oatmeal to make laver cakes.




Seaweed, Sea Salt, Water




Typical values Per 100g
Energy 105kJ (25kcal)
Fat 0.5g
of which saturates 0.2g
Carbohydrate 2.7g
of which sugars 0.0g
Protein 8.0g
Salt 1.8g