Picture of Burrata

From Simona Di Vietri of La Latteria, Acton, London.

Freshly shredded mozzarella mixed with creamy panna, shaped in a purse.

Vegetarian, Gluten free

Available from Friday 31 May

Burrata is one of our most addictive products! Originally from Puglia, its name comes from its creamy, buttery center: “burro” means butter in Italian. Burrata is made by encasing fresh shredded mozzarella fior di latte mixed with panna (a UHT specialty cream imported from Italy) in a classic mozzarella fior di latte shaped as a “purse”. Tempting enough?

Let us tempt you a bit more then,  with one of our absolutely scrumptious creations. What if were to add some smoked salmon chunks to the creamy heart? Or maybe ricotta cheese instead of panna? And what about a touch of gorgonzola to transform the sweetness of the panna in a tangy, yet delicate, flavour!





"Burrata cheese from La Latteria has to be one of the great pleasure” Celebrity Chef
"I have died and gone to mozzarella and stracciatella heaven with La Latteria” Brook (customer)