Rookery Farm Large Eggs

Picture of Rookery Farm Large Eggs

From Rookery Farm, Flansham Ln, Bognor Regis, Sussex



Organic, Free Range, Vegetarian

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Rookery Farm is a small family farm of 150 acres. The family have farmed in this part of West Sussex for over 130 years. We now specialise in producing high quality and delicious organic, free range eggs. We have been organic for over 15 years and care passionately about the welfare of our hens, the environment and, of course, the quality of our eggs.

Our hens are kept in a more traditional way than the vast majority of other British and EU organic free range or standard free range hens. The hen houses are mobile so we can move them periodically onto fresh pasture. Although this can cause logistical problems because the houses are scattered over the farm in different fields, we think it is worth the extra daily effort to ensure the pastures remain fresh, natural and healthy.

Being organic, we use no chemicals or artificial fertilizers on the fields and the hens are fed an organic diet that meets all their nutritional needs; they also graze the grass and forage as they range outside. Every night we manually shut all the pop holes to keep the hens warm and safe from predators.

The hens have as much food and water as they like in the houses and lay their eggs in specially designed nest boxes. We collect the eggs daily, grade and pack on site immediately ready for sale and distribution, freshness guaranteed.