Beef Mince

Picture of Beef Mince

From Lauriston Community Farm, Goldhanger, Essex.


From 5 Year Old Sheltland Cattle

Organic, Biodynamic, Frozen, Rare Breed

(apx.) 1Kg

Shetland cattle are known as the original crofter's cattle with their friendly character, good milk and delicious meat.  It is almost impossible to buy beef of this age now and the taste difference is huge. The animal is allowed to grow at its natural rate giving a meat that is evenly marbled with fat produced from a wholly grass fed diet from our biodynamically certified fields. Since 2006, only three antibiotic injections and no vaccinations have been used on this herd, as any medicine they need is supplied by homoeopathic, herbal or energetic means.


The yield of meat enables Lauriston Farm to pay for biodynamic straw for the winter bedding and all the maintenance required in looking after such large animals.  They have great reverence for the cattle and aim to look after them to the best of their ability and allowing them to express themselves as fully as possible.