All Purpose Flour T80
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  • All Purpose Flour T80
  • All Purpose Flour T80

From the Wildfarmed Regenerative Farming Initiative, Oxford.


Regenerative Flour

Pesticide free, No Fertiliser



T80 is a truly unique flour and is our best seller. A versatile product that brings rich nutty and earthy flavours, Wildfarmed T80 has the ability to absorb higher levels of water and provides a rich crumb and colour.

Whether on its own or as used in a blend our T80 works wonders, delivering a more bran rich flavour and more texture than our T65 flour.

About Wildfarmed fields
Wildfarmed as a community of farmers growing to Wildfarmed Standards; the only third party audited, regenerative standards for cereals in the UK
Wildfarmed fields are full of birds, bugs and bees - they’re full of life. Which means their flour is naturally nutritious, captures carbon in the soil, and restores wildlife, while helping to reduce droughts and floods. This life changing flour is free from all nasty chemicals and is full of flavour, giving everyone a chance to enjoy a more tasty tomorrow.
Fortified wheat flour (wheat flour, iron, niacin, thiamine, calcium carbonate)