Sussex Charmer Cheese (200g)

Picture of Sussex Charmer Cheese (200g)

From Rob & Claire at Bookhams Farm, Rudgwick, West Sussex.

A creamy mature cheddar tasting cheese followed by the zing of parmesan.


A unique cheese, Sussex Charmer took the cheese world by storm, when it won Best New Dairy Product in 2008, Best British Modern Cheese 2012, Best in Catering and Food Service cheese in show Nantwich International Cheese Awards 2013

Back in 2007, Bookhams married the production methods of a traditional farmhouse cheese with that of a Parmesan, creating a cheese unlike any the world had tasted before.

Sussex Charmer is made exclusively with milk from our own Welfare Assured cows, grass fed at Pallinghurst Farm in Rudgwick, West Sussex. Started over fifty years ago, the herd of Jersey - Freisian cross cows produces an exceptionally high quality milk that is perfect for creating this creamy and full bodied award-winning cheese.

Sussex Charmer has a creamy mature cheddar taste followed by the zing of parmesan. It is great with apples and pears; its long taste profile works well with pickles and is great for whenever you're cooking. It adds a sublimely creamy taste when grated over pasta. Endowed with superb meltability, Charmer on toast is simply divine!