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Home / Christmas / Christmas Roasts / Goose(2 products)

All our free range geese come from Stephen Childerhouse of Whews Farm, Caston, Norfolk.

Stephen has a small family farm who specialise in producing quality geese just for Christmas. The farm is approx 35 acres in size and covered in woodland and grassland which is used to rear our poultry in a stress free environment

Brought to the farm in June, the geese are reared inside for the first 2-3 weeks before gradually allowed access to grass. Once they have enough plumage to keep them warm and dry, they are then given access to open grassland where they are literally left outside with hedges for shade and shelter from the weather.

Our geesse have a very distinct golden colour to their skinm achieved by feeding them on their natural diet of wheat and grass.


"Our Christmas Goose was superb,it cooked beautifully and the taste was wonderful. The goose fat is appreciated on toast every morning since. Happy New Year from a very satisfied customer & family'". Alison & Clive Ringrose.

  • Picture of Suffolk Goose

    Serves 8 to 9 @ £11.51 per person

    Reared by Oliver Parker, Beamure, Laurel Farm, Wenhaston, East Suffolk

    Free Range, Frozen

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    (apx.) 6Kg

    Serves 8 to 9 @ £9.38 per person



    Free Range, Frozen, Prepared & Oven-ready