• Vegan
  • Dairy free

Calvors Brewery was established in early 2008 by Alec Williamson. The idea was to create real English lagers, brewed in the heart of Suffolk.

The brewery is located on the family farm that was originally called ‘Calvers’ and is where ‘Calvors’ gets its name. And it is this farm that grows the malting barley.

The beer is brewed using traditional methods in a specially converted section of an old agricultural building. It is fermented with fine bottom fermenting yeast and “lagered” (stored and conditioned) for a number of weeks before being triple cold filtered and then gently carbonated before bottling or kegging. No preservatives are used and our lagers are not pasteurised.

Calvors is brewed using only the finest ingredients including locally grown and malted barley and whole hops making outstanding natural lagers with totally original flavours.