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Home / Christmas / Gift Hampers(7 products)

Our Christmas Hampers make for a lovely Christmas present!


Both are packed with a lovely array of the finest British produce, and unlike many hampers you might buy at this time of year, the cost of the hamper is the same as the sum of the constituent parts: packing and assembly provided free of charge...!


  • Picture of Luxury Hamper

    A wonderful bundle of treats, without any wicker (just cardboard!

    Typical contents:
    1 xBanana & Walnut Cake (400g)
    1 xBrazilian Single Estate Coffee Beans, Ground (250g)
    1 xCashmere Brut IPA (750ml)
    1 x'Cerne Abbas Man' Vintage Cheddar (200g)
    1 xCharcoal Wafers (125g)
    1 xColston Basset Stilton Wedge (apx. 200g, £24.45/Kg)
    1 xGingerbeerble (500ml)
    1 xGreat Uncle Cornelius' Famous Spiced Ginger (750ml)
    1 xOxford Isis (220g)
    1 xPlum & Date Millers Toast (100g)
    1 xPlum & Mulled Wine Jam (340g)
    1 xSea Salt & Malt Vinegar Crisps (150g)
    1 xSmoked Salmon (Sliced) (200g)
    1 xSpiced Squash with Dates and Orange (340g)
    1 xThree Choirs Classic Cuvee Brut NV (750ml)
  • Picture of Classic Cheese Board

    Serves 5-7

    A varied selection of top quality British Cheeses

  • Picture of Dinner Party Cheese Board

    Serves 8-10

    A gorgeous & varied selection of 6 British Cheeses.

    Typical contents:
    1 xAlice Goat's Cheese Log (150g)
    1 xColston Basset Stilton Wedge (apx. 200g, £24.45/Kg)
    1 xHereford Hops (150g)
    1 xLincolnshire Poacher Cheese (180g)
    1 xMarksbury Double Gloucester (200g)
    1 xOxford Blue Wedge (150g)
  • Picture of Gift Voucher
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    The gift of British seasonal produce.

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  • Picture of Savoury Treats Box


    A selection of delicious, ready to enjoy treats to enjoy or to give.

    Typical contents:
    1 xBaby Burrata (250g, £27.96/Kg)
    1 xColston Basset Stilton Wedge (apx. 200g, £24.45/Kg)
    1 xCornish Kern (apx. 180g, £31.61/Kg)
    1 xCracked Black Pepper Salami (80g)
    1 xGame & Red Wine Salami (80g)
    1 xRed Mini Plum Tomatoes (250g)
    1 xRed Onion, Wine & Cranberry Chutney (340g)
    1 xSummer Green Lettuce
    1 xWheat & Rye Sourdough (900g)
  • Picture of Complete Christmas Trimmings Box

    Our Christmas Trimmings box has everything you need to accompany your turkey at Christmas.

    Typical contents:
    1 xBrussel Sprouts, Loose (apx. 750g)
    2 xCarrots, Loose (750g)
    1 xCooked & Peeled Chestnuts (200g)
    1 xCranberry Sauce (250g)
    1 xGloucester Old Spot Streaky Bacon (apx. 240g, £16.08/Kg)
    1 xGourmet Bread Sauce Mix (150g)
    1 xGourmet Cyder Apple & Sage Stuffing (150g)
    1 xHandmade Pork Chipolata Sausages (apx. 300g, £13.27/Kg)
    1 xMaris Piper Potatoes (5Kg)
    1 xParsnips, washed (1Kg)
    1 xSavoy Cabbage (apx. 600g)
  • Picture of Mother's Day Afternoon Tea
    Available from Thursday 14 Dec


    Tea for 4-6: Sandwiches & Pastries

    Typical contents:
    1 x4" Lemon Tart
    1 xCinnamon Danish
    1 xCress Punnet
    1 xIced Bun (1)
    1 xKentish Woodchurch Ham (apx. 160g, £27.88/Kg)
    1 xLittle Gem Lettuce x 2
    1 xLong Cucumber
    1 xMarbled Chocolate Brioche (1)
    1 xSmoked Salmon (Sliced) (100g)
    1 xSoft Cream Cheese (220 ml)
    1 xStem Ginger Loaf Cake (390g)
    1 xTiptree Apricot (42g)
    1 xTiptree Strawberry (42g)
    1 xWholemeal Sourdough (900g)