Cornish Nettle Yarg

Picture of Cornish Nettle Yarg

From Catherine Mead & Dane Hopkins, Lynher Dairies, Truro, West Cornwall.

Vegetarian, Gluten free


Yarg is made from cows milk from the herd at Lynher Dairies and topped up with milk from their neighbours. The cheese is brined overnight, dried and then the leaves are placed in concentric circles on the cheese. All the leaves are picked from the woods on the farm at Pengreep. They grow between mid March and the end of April so there is a mad dash to harvest one tonne of the darlings.

Cornish Yarg has no GMO ingredients, is suitable for vegetarians and is made using pasteurised milk. It contains no nuts.


Gold – World Cheese Awards 2017

Gold – British Cheese Awards 2017

Gold – British Cheese Awards 2016

Best English Cheese – International Cheese Awards 2012