Lamb & Lemon Merguez Salami (80g)
Picture of Lamb & Lemon Merguez Salami (80g)

From James Swift of Mitchel Troy, Monmouth.

Welsh lamb with Moroccan-style spicing


Welsh lamb with Moroccan-style spicing

This is made from 100% Welsh PGI accredited lamb. The spicing we use in this is not hot in terms of chilli in any way but contains North African blend of spices including cumin and coriander similar to that used for traditional lamb sausage in that part of the world.

As with all salamis, this product is ready to eat and excellent alongside other air dried salami or meats as a dinner party starter or light lunch with a salad, chutneys and other condiments, good bread – and maybe a glass of wine or beer!  The salami can also be used in cooking in a casserole for instance.

When slicing this product yourself, use a sharp knife and slice when still chilled as it will be easier to do so at that stage. Some like salami very thinly sliced so it is wafer thin, others like thicker slices that give more texture.