Apricot & Lemon Verbena Jam (340g)
Picture of Apricot & Lemon Verbena Jam (340g)

From Karly Vickers of Karly's Kitchen, Walmestone, Kent.

Apricot Jam with natural sweetness of honey and a citrus note



Apricots are the golden little jewels of the summer season, this is a simple everyday jam which is made from ripe apricots and the surprise ingredient, fragrant lemon verbena. Apricot-Lemon Verbena Jam, a summer jewel


How we like it:

Used as a base ingredient in a frangipan tart, or a topping for your yoghurt, rice pudding or even toast!


From Karly Vickers of Karly's Kitchen, Margate, Kent.

Ingredients: Apricot (52%), Sugar, Honey (14%), Schnapps, Pectin, Lemon Verbena (<1%)