Autumn Coleslaw Bundle
Picture of Autumn Coleslaw Bundle

A blend of seasonal veggies perfect for shredding and eating raw!

Vegetarian, Vegan

As the range of seasonal veggies widens, eating them raw is a really nutritious and quick way to enjoy them.

And the great thing about coleslaw is that it invites you to play around - mixing up savoury and sweet veggies, mixing them with mayonnaise, or a vinegar based dressing, or yoghurt, and then adding in any sauces herbs and spices that you might fancy at the time.

So start shredding and get creative - any of the veggies below will work really well!

Typical Box Contains:

1 x White Cabbage
1 x Walmestone Carrots (500g)
1 x Red Onion (125g)
1 x New Season Turnips (500g)