Leeks with Naked Barley Flakes
Picture of Leeks with Naked Barley Flakes

Hodmedods Recipe Box

Vegetarian, Vegan

By Nick Saltmarsh of Hodmedods, this simple dish combines the tender creaminess of leeks with the crisp maltiness of toasted Naked Barley Flakes to make a simple lunch or sumptuous side.

You will receive:

1 x Leeks (500g @ £3.30 / kg)
1 x Naked Barley Flakes (100g)
1 x Garlic Clove
1 x Bay Leaf
1 x Fresh Thyme sprigs x 3
1 x Recipe Card Leeks with Naked Barley Flakes


You will need to provide:


Salt & Pepper
30g butter or olive oil


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