Alfalfa & Radish Sprouts (100g)
Picture of Alfalfa & Radish Sprouts (100g)

From Aconbury Sprouts, Pontrilas, Hereford

Organic, Unpasteurised

Available from Thursday (PM) 05 Nov

We love this mix of crunchy Alfalfa with the pepperiness of Rambo Radish. We use Rambo Radish in our seed mixes, which is a much pricier seed to source, but we can’t resist the beautiful deep purple colour and the spicy kick of the Rambo.

Radish sprouts have been gaining popularity lately as a new ‘superfood’. They are an exceptionally good source of folate and B6, good for cardiovascular health. They are also packed with Vitamin C, which can help contribute to healthy skin, collagen-production, free-radical fighting, and weight-loss. Their deep red colour makes them a beautiful addition to salads and soups. They have a spicy flavour, much like their plant sister Radish.