Goji Berry & Turmeric Juice (1ltr)
Picture of Goji Berry & Turmeric Juice (1ltr)

The Berry Company, St Mary Abbots Place, Kensington, London.

Vegan, Gluten free



Contains naturally occuring sugars from fruit.

Berried inside...

Goji berry
Also called the wolfberry, the goji berry tastes like a scrummy cross between a tomato and a cherry. Ours are slightly savoury to help balance this sweet blend.

Passionfruit is a sweet taste of paradise! This funky fruit's wrinkled, leathery exterior gives way to a succulent, bright yellow pulp with a strong perfume.

White grape
Despite the name, white grape juice comes from green grapes! It has a concentrated syrupy flavour with notes of apple and jasmine resulting in a smooth and sophisticated sweetness.

This blend is especially rich, intense, and full-bodied. We have added a splash of sunny, citrusy lemon to lighten things up.

This spice has a warm aroma reminiscent of its cousin, ginger. Earthy and slightly bitter, turmeric root is turned into a richly golden powder with a mildly peppery edge.

Made with Somerset spring water
Taste & goodness, Juice blend with passionfruit and turmeric, All natural juices - no added sugar, No added sugar, sweeteners or artificial ingredients, No preservatives, No colourings,