Artisan Elderflower Cider (500ml, 4.0% Vol)
Picture of Artisan Elderflower Cider (500ml, 4.0% Vol)

From Perry's Cider Mills, Dowlish Wake, Ilminste, Somerset.


Elderflower & apple harmonise beautifully. Tart at the start, medium dry and delicous.

t’s hard to talk about the flavour without saying “It tastes of elderflower and it is good.” It’s more than good, it’s great!,  It’s like apple invited elderflower to duet on open mic night and they harmonise beautifully well,  It’s a tart start with a crisp, refreshing middle and a medium dry end.  Looks-wise, it’s a very pleasant, generic amber colour.


How Dan Likes it:

"This is officially one of my favourite ciders and I’d highly recommend. It’s more refreshing when it’s cooler, but still a great cider at room temp" Says Dan,