Ricotta fior di latte

Picture of Ricotta fior di latte

From Simona Di Vietri of La Latteria, Acton, London.

Gluten free

Available from Friday 21 Jun

Ricotta (literally “re-cooked”) is a fresh unripened cheese obtained from the serum (whey) that comes out after the coagulation process, combined with a small amount of milk. Its name (from Latin "recoctus") refers to its preparation process, which entails the whey being “re-cooked” a second time. For long time, whey was thought to be a “residue” of the milk. Today it is defined as the “noble” protein of milk, with the highest nutritional value and lowest content of fat.

Ricotta soft and smooth texture offers a very delicate flavor that makes it one of the most versatile additions to your recipes, baked into an awesome ricotta cake, stirred into pasta or eaten straight off of a spoon with a drop of golden honey! A healthy nutritious treat for the little ones (and the not so little anymore!)



“Finally we can taste proper ricotta in London. So creamy and smooth! Truly amazing” London Chef
“How do people here think ricotta is only for cooking? Clearly they haven’t tried your ricotta! Delicious to its best! Well done for bringing us the real thing” Stefania – Customer