Primo sale soft cheese

Picture of Primo sale soft cheese

From Simona Di Vietri of La Latteria, Acton, London.

A semi-soft cheese made from cows’ milk

Gluten free


Primo Sale is a semi-soft cheese made from cows’ milk. The name itself literally means “first salt” and is used to describe early stages of maturation. Primo sale is an “unrefined” fior di latte, in fact after ripening and draining of the curd, the artisan will skip few phases of the more traditional cheese making process. He will cut the curd in small cubes, season them (with salt only or salt and herbs) and will then stow them in the traditional fuscelle used for the ricotta, where is left to rest and settle. Because the cheese is young, it has a bright white colored pate and milky in flavor.




I LOVE it! A true novelty! How did you guys keep this gem hidden until now?
Catherine – Branding specialist