Beatbush Organic Farm, in Chelmsford, Essex

46 miles from our depot


Beatbush is a fully endorsed Organic farm in the Essex countryside.Owners Nicola and Toby Bulgin worked hard to make their vision become a reality and now bring some of the finest quality meat to market. They offer a wide range of cuts of both beef and lamb throughout the year. Their sheep are a pedigree breed, allowing them to offer “new seasons” lamb all year round.Select from delicious racks of lamb to boned legs, rolled loins to chump and neck chops. They were equally discerning about the beef breed. The Aberdeen Angus cross lends itself well to organic farming and the fore rib makes the ultimate roasting joint.


Ben Rigby Game, Maldon, Essex

43 miles from the depot

Ben started game dealing in 1979 aged 17 with knowledge gained from a farming background, determination and an enormous will to succeed. Since then, Ben Rigby Game has grown from small beginnings into England’s foremost game dealership with a portfolio of loyal customers home and abroad.


Sacombe Hill Farm, Hertfordshire

24 miles from the depot


Situated north of Hertford, Sacombe Hill Farm is run by Bridget Borlase and her partner James who rear award winning pedigree Simmentals and Belted Galloways. All their beef comes from grass-reared steers or heifers, which are hand selected by specialist butchers before being matured for up to 24 days to enhance flavour and the eating experience. During times of increased demand their beef is sourced from Humphreys in Essex, a known supplier of quality British-bred cattle, reared to Bridget B's specifications.



 Wild Fields Farm, Tolleshunt D'Arcy, Essex

Roy Hill’s family moved to Wild Fields Farm when he was just7 years old, and has been working there ever since. At that time the land was mostly arable, with some vegetables (which were sold at the farm gate and to wholesalers), as well as a few animals. About 15 years ago Roy and his wife Rita took over the day-to-day running of the farm, which saw off the last of the pigs and chickens. Now Wild Fields is about 64 acres in size, with 24 acres for growing vegetables, which are sold by Roy and Rita both at the gate and at various farmers markets.




Kernow Shashimi, from Helston on the Cornish Coast

304miles from our depot


Excellent fish sourced directly from the Cornish coast by father and son team Chris and Dylan Bean. They supply well established sushi restaurants and chains in central London and are known for their top quality fish excellent for sashimi.







Ripple Farm Organics, in the Stour Valley, Kent

63 miles from our depot


Ripple Farm Organics Home Farm is a small horticultural farm of 14 acres situated in the Stour Valley, Kent at Crundale. The free draining soils,blessed by the warmer climate of the Southeast, produce vegetables of great taste and quality. As well as their Home Farm, they also rent a Victorian Walled Garden at Olantigh near Wye and fields below Wye Crown, including an old' Spartan' orchard. Ripple Farm has been certified Organic since 1989 and holds an Organic Symbol from the Soil Association. The farm itself is essentially a market garden producing a wide range of vegetables, salad, herbs and some soft fruit.







Linda Galloway, , Highbury

Linda is a professional Highbury-based home-cook and caterer who produces an exquisite range of quiches and cakes exclusively for Farm-Direct customers. She runs her own catering company, Daffodil Soup,offering a complete events service both at customer homes and at outside venues. 




Tiffany Nestour, , Kentish Town

Tiffany is a Kentish Town mum with a passion for home-cooking. She provides us with exclusive weekly extracts from her new book, Toute Le Monde a Table,  which are available through the website. The full version of her book can be purchased here.





The Oxford Cheese Company,

60 Miles from our depot


When Robert Pouget and Gerry Stevens opened their first cheese shop in Oxfords covered market in 1983 they had no idea the fame it would bring them(well in Oxford anyway). The Cheese shop was an instant hit as at the time there were very few specialist cheese shops in Oxford, and it proved to be a welcome novelty. In 1995 Robert Pouget began production of Oxford Blue a cheese in the tradition of Stilton (it was produced in a Stilton dairy ) but with a creamier consistency especially when the cheese was allowed to mature. Oxford Blue, College White and Isis have become some of the most popular cheeses in England and are widely available on sale at good independent food retailers.




Lincolnshire Poacher Dairy Farm, near Alford,Lincolnshire

138 miles from our depot


Simon (holding the calf) and Tim (with cheese) Jones, produce award-winning handmade Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese on their dairy farm situated on the edge of the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds. The use of freshly produced unpasteurised milk from their own dairy herd which graze on the rolling hills of the farm is the basis for the distinctive characteristics of their cheese.This is, of course in conjunction with the care and attention taken during the making of each individual batch of hand-made cheese. To ensure their milk is of the highest quality, their ‘girls’ are treated like royalty. They've even got their own happy cow brushes so they can give themselves a really good scratch!!



The Bath Soft Cheese Co., made from Park Farm, Bath

119 miles from the our depot


Graham Padfield's family have been milking a herd of cows at Park Farm for 3 generations & are dedicated to making the local Bath cheese that was once well known. Graham found the recipe in an old grocer's recipe book. It stipulates that the cheese must be made with full cream milk, that salt be sprinkled on the cheese with the aid of a feather, and that the cheese was soft and covered with a white mould. Today the cheese that Graham makes (without the aid of feathers) is a delicious award-winner. He also now makes a variety of other cheeses (soft, hard and blue), all made with old fashioned manual methods that give the cheese more flavour.



Tim’s Dairy, Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire

24miles fromour depot


Tims Dairy was founded 60 years ago in 1949 and has continued to be a family business run with family values. The team there really do love making yoghurt and believe in the many health benefits of eating it. All the yoghurt are fresh and live, made from using only natural ingredients such as fresh cream and milk, plus natural fruit compotes. You certainly will not find any artificial colours, additives or preservatives added to these wonderful yoghurt. You will, however, find fun facts on the packaging so make sure you read inside and outside the pots before throwing them away!


Godsells Cheese, Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire

113 miles from our depot


Godsells Cheese is a range of hand made cheeses made at Church Farm, in the Gloucestershire village of Leonard Stanley, using cows milk from their own herd of cows and other local farms. All their cheeses are made with pasteurized milk and are suitable for vegetarians. The “Cheese Team” consists of, Liz Godsell and husband, Bryan their parents and a few others.



Ivy House Organic Dairy Farm, Somerset


Ivy House Organic Dairy Farm is a family run business, they set up their dairy in the early 1980s. Now they milk 120 Jersey cows and rear all the calves themselves and also aim to grow all the feed for the animals. Everybody is involved all aspect of the business from taking orders, milking the cows,packaging products to delivering the milk and cream. Processing all their milk products has allowed the small farm to survive. They would like to thank everyone for supporting Ivy House Farm as you are in turn supporting the countryside, its community, the animals and their environment.



Springstep Dairy

43 Miles from our depot


Bob and Sally Kirk run Springstep Dairy, situated in the beautiful East Essex countryside. The Kirk family have been farming dairy cows for generations, but in 2002, they made the bold step of entering the dairy goat world. Three years and 450 goats later, the farm now boasts a fully operational dairy and cheesery. Springstep Dairy has the largest dairy goat herd in East Anglia.




Hurdelbrook Dairy from Olive Farm, Somerset

128 miles from our depot


Hurdelbrook dairy is a family run business led by Dave Paull. Their dairy and products has been a leading light in the production of high quality milk and cheese from award winning Guernsey cows. They sell their home rich Guernsey milk, cheese and yoghurt at various farmers’ markets and exclusive outlets in London, such as Le Fromargerie in Marylebone. Their yoghurt is 100% natural and contains “pro-biotic cultures".



Mike & Judy Smales of Lyburn Farmhouse Cheesemakers, Salisbury, Wiltshire

94 miles from our depot


Lyburn farm makes a variety of different hand made cheeses, all of which are made from our own cows milk. Although they are pressed, these artisan cheeses are not that close to cheddar cheese. They are, in general, a softer and a more continental type of cheese, with the exception of Old Winchester and Old Smales.



Bookhams Farm Food, Bates Green Farm, Sussex

68miles from our depot


Bookham Fine Foods is a family run business based in the heart of Sussex.They are committed to producing top quality cheese, butter and pasteurising British ingredients wherever possible. They have an award-winning range of products particularly their Sussex Charmer cheese. By using traditional methods they are able to make high quality products, at affordable prices.





Chegworth Valley, Water Lane Farm, Kent

46.5 miles from our depot


Chegworth Valley is a family run farm in the Kent countryside specialising in great quality fruit. They purchased the farm in1983 and initially specialised in apples and pears, developing a wide range of new and old English varieties over the years. It was after customers mentioned to them that there was a poor choice of fruit juices that they invested in a traditional press and experimented with making apple juice. From that initial batch of 150 bottles, Chegworth Valley now produces a whole variety of flavours which you can order today.




Plus a variety of seasonal fruit producers: Dallaway Cherriesand J T Kemsley



Flour Power City Bakery, Greenwich, London

7.5 miles from the depot


Matt Jones and his dedicated team of bakers have earned an enviable reputation for producing a wonderful range of artisan breads, pastries and cakes which are a favourite at the market. Matt's passion for baking started at a nearly age encouraged by his mother and he honed his skills as a chef in some of the really prestigious British restaurants. But it was baking that was his real calling and he set up his Flour Power City Bakery initially to provide restaurants with great quality breads.




Mrs King's Pies, Cotgrave, Nottinghamshire

122 miles from the depot


Elizabeth King started her small family bakery back in 1853, since then the name ‘Mrs Kings Pies’ has come to stand for the finest  tasting pies, made with great care and passion. In 1984, Paul, Ian and Neil Hartland (Kenneth's grandchildren) joined the family business.  Learning and working alongside a ‘master pie maker’ their passion and love for pies, started to grow. Now the next generation of pie men have joined the bakery, Adam and Luke Hartland (Ian’s sons) continue the line of pie makers. They are fast becoming a name in the pie world.






Miss Stoneham’s Preserves from Essex

44 miles from our depot


Carol Stoneham has been developing this range of products for ten years.Their motto is ‘ For All Tastes’ that is why the reason behind the irrange of chutneys, jams, pickles, mustards, marmalades, relishes and jellies being so extensive. There are no additives or synthetic ingredients in Miss Stoneham’s preserves and all the products are prepared by hand. From the chopping and peeling to the bottling and labelling, at Miss Stoneham’s Preserves all ingredients are fresh, many of them being sourced locally. They use wholesome dried fruits, vegetables, free-range eggs and brown sugar. Their love is for spices, the unusual and the exotic.





Mark & Barbara Strachan of Relish in Spice, Arundel, West Sussex

72 miles to our depot


The Relish In Spice Co. is an award winning company, producing a high quality range of handmade condiments using locally sourced and seasonal produce. With a passion for food and a solid culinary background of 25years,Michelin Star Trained Chef Mark Strachan decided to set up Relish In Spice in March 2007 to produce a range of high standard products known for its quality rather than quantity.  Most products are gluten free, fully traceable and contain no preservatives. They pride themselves on sourcing as many ingredients as possible locally and according to the season and a commitment to quality.



Sussex Gold, Priors Byne Farm,West Sussex

51 miles to our depot


The Ford family have farmed in the Weald of Sussex since 1946 and started producing Sussex Gold Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil in July 2007 using Rapeseed grown on the farm. The entire process of growing, cold pressing and bottling the Oils is carried out on the farm. In a recent taste test on the oil came top against other leading brands for both cooking and dressings. Also in 2007 they grew their first crop of Sunflowers and pressed them to produce the only English Sunflower Oil available on the market.