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There is something unmistakeable about the smell of young wild garlic growing in the woods. It’s the smell that beckons the forager in us, that makes a wild cook of us all. The special delight of finding it in your box from Farm Direct at this time of year should tell you something of lighter evenings and put a spring in your step.

Wild garlic can be shredded and carefully added at the last minute into stir fries or with even more caution in salads but one of my favourites is to make a salsa by blending the leaves with rapeseed oil, lemon juice and seasoning in a mortar. This makes for a sharp garnish for what I call four onion soup.

Soften white, Spanish, red and spring onions (throw in all the green bits) roughly chopped in olive oil with plenty of salt and pepper. When they are about to turn a little brown, add chicken stock or a quality vegetable bouillon and top up with water and the juice of a lemon. Blend it all and pour in a generous glass or two of decent white wine (if you haven’t read my book then I’m not repeating myself but never use wine in cooking that you wouldn’t drink).

Serve the soup piping hot with croutons and drizzle lashings of the wild garlic salsa.

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