Its February: time to get planting your seeds!

04 February 2020

Its February - and that is a great time to start thinking of sowing some seeds.


It could be for Flowers, Herbs or Vegetables, but we think it is a really good and important thing to try and do, however small your outside space.

Why? Two main reasons:


1, we all need to do our bit to support the pollinators: those insects that move pollen from the male anther of a flower to the female stigma of a flower, that leads to fertilization of the flower and the re(production) of crops: ie pollinators provide a crucial ecosystem service!

Pollinators are widely recognised as being in decline, alongside general insect populations, due to humanity's excessive use of pesticides on crops. Planting flowers, creating enviroments for insects to live and feed is therefore a good thing and we can all help out.


2, Husbandry in the broadest sense - planting, tending, nurturing, and harvesting is both very fulfilling & educative: for kids to learn how a carrot grows, how that differs from peas, or kale - is, for us, an essential part of education, and gives an important perspective to what it takes to get food from the field to the fork.


However small your available space, it is worth doing something!