Hog’s / White Pudding
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  • Hog’s / White Pudding
  • Hog’s / White Pudding

From James Swift of Mitchel Troy, Monmouth.

Heat through. Eaten hot or cold


Inspired by South West England’s gently spiced Hog’s Pudding, a more delicate product than the traditonal White Pudding which has a much higher cereal content.

Pork fat, Pork (38%), Gluten Free Sausage Mix (Cornflour, Salt, Leek, Vegetable oil (Rapeseed), Spices, Yeast Extract, Flavouring), Oats , Spices, Herbs, Sodium nitrite, Sodium ascorbate.
How to enjoy:
  • Preparation Info: Ready to Eat but benefits from cooking
  • Cooking: slice, then fry gently until crisp
  • Can Be Eaten Hot Or Cold
  • Can Be Served Cold

Serving Suggestions

A classic French style smooth black pudding, the perfect addition to the full English breakfast, delicious served with a seasonal apple salad or apple sauce. Also works well with seafood, shellfish in particular, or crumbled into a creamy leek gratin



Calories 256 (1065)
Fat 17.6
Saturated Fat 7
Carbohydrate (of which sugars) 10.4
Protein 13
Salt 1.7
Allergens None



British Free Range Pork

Similar to:

White Pudding (Irish, Scottish, English)

Drinks Pairing:

Beer, Wine, Aperitifs, Ciders