Fresh Pasta


Lovely La Tua Pasta.

La Tua Pasta started as a family-run business in 2006 with the ambition to create delicious Fresh Pasta that would be be so good and so fresh that the restaurant chefs would be proud to serve them as if it was of their own creation.

La Tua produces fresh pasta using only the best Italian ingredients with superior qualities, authentic flavour and taste.All pastas are fresh, handmade and come in a wonderful variety of flavours.

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Showing 1 to 10 of 10 items
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I'm absolutely delighted with my order, this weeks order had already been placed. Produce is such good quality, with amazing flavours and huge portions! Offering that level of quality at those prices is amazing. I'm just so annoyed with myself that I didn't discover you earlier!

Sarah, N15

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